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The Next Cock Control Strokeathon Is Scheduled for
Saturday, December 2nd

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*On June 30, 2007*, Cock Control will be hosting Cock Control's Stroke-A-Thon. All are welcome to enter (as long as you are 18 or over, and have something to stroke).

This is how it works: The contest is open to twenty contestants (strokers). All will gather in the Cock Control Chat Room at 4PM Eastern Time Saturday, June 30th. Many of the Cock Control StrokeMistresses will be there, and we'll be doing what we can to make it VERY difficult for you to refrain from orgasm. If you have an orgasm, you are eliminated from the contest. The last man left stroking wins the Strokeathon, and receives fabulous prizes, as well as the coveted title of Cock Control Stroker of the Month.

The Stroke-A-Thon will be hosted in the Tease Chat Room Community Kink. Webcams will be required.

Spectacular prizes will be awarded to the last man left stroking - the winner will receive:

*- One ten-minute phone session each week for a month

*- The glorious title of "Cock Control Stroker of the Month

If you'd like to register, please post here to let us know: REGISTRATION. Registration will be limited to 20 strokers.

For questions and info, please email Ms. Tori at mstori (at) cockcontrol.com.

Good luck, and happy stroking!

-Ms. Ally